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Terms and Conditions

Summary Of The Principal Terms And Conditions Of Sale & Service: CMC Equipment (UK) Limited.

A copy of the full Terms And Conditions of Sale & Service of CMC Equipment (UK) Limited can be obtained free of charge, by bona fide enquirers, on application to our Wellingborough office.

Time / Samples / Transportation Insurance/ Commissioning Hours
Delivery will be as agreed or, for new equipment, 90 days from the date of final definition and agreement of all related details and purchase order placement with accompanying cleared deposit funds.  The agreed delivery date will be respected on condition that any/all samples for testing have been made available to CMC Equipment (UK) Ltd at least 21 days prior to the scheduled delivery date. CMC will take care of equipment packing, equipment transportation insurance and equipment transportation to the place of delivery.  Please see also: “Insurance” below, for details of other insurance requirements that are the responsibility of our clients.  Delivery and Commissioning Hours: 09:00-17:00 inclusive of lunch and refreshment breaks, Mon-Fri (non-bank holidays), unless otherwise agreed/notified.   

New equipment will be available for pre-test, in the presence of the customer’s engineers, at the manufacturing plant in Italy. Refurbished and/or used equipment, depending on the system(s) concerned, may be made available for pre-test at CMC Equipment UK Ltd prior to delivery.  Unless otherwise agreed in advance of pre-test, all materials and samples used to test machine(s) are supplied by our clients and at their expense/responsibility, including: packing, transport, freight charges,Customs Charges, delivery timing and consignment(s) tracking.

Modifications During Installation Programme
During installation procedures, CMC/CMC Equipment (UK) Limited or the client may decide that additional work, to that previously agreed, should be undertaken in order to ensure optimum system performance.  If such work is unexpected and not included in the accepted Purchase Order, it will be undertaken by CMC Engineers only with the prior written authorisation of CMC/CMC Equipment (UK) Limited.  In this way, our clients fully understand the work and charges applying at all times. Any/all additional work, will be charged to the client as a supplement to costs shown in our quotation(s) and/or Purchase Order(s).

For brand new equipment, conditional on the equipment item(s) concerned being within 3,000 hours of usage on the integral usage clock/guage,12 months major parts and labour warranty is included.  For refurbished equipment, major parts and labour warranties of varying durations apply and the warranty assigned to each equipment item will determine the period and type of warranty coverage.

Envelope Specifications
All envelopes used on equipment supplied by CMC Equipment (UK) Limited, whether for test or production, must be “machinable quality” with a minimum of 6mm product clearance.

Post Installation Tests
Where agreed on the accepted purchase order, post-installation tests will be at the client’s plant, after commissioning, - conditional on a maximum of a single, day shift, test basis.

CMC Engineers will provide contracted Operator Training at: our client’s premises, or our UK premises, or at the manufacturing plant in Italy; whichever location is agreed on the accepted Purchase Order.  Training will take place between the hours of 08:30 and 17:00, inclusive of lunch and refreshment breaks, Mon-Fri (non-Bank Holidays).  Training at other times is subject to hourly charges at CMC “Out of Hours” training rate.

Installation Requirements (Customer Provides)

  1. 3 ton counterbalance forklift for offloading (where necessary, extended forks must be available).
  2. 32A –415vac 3ph N+E power supply with isolator (not more than 2 metres away from the equipment’s power input position).
  3. 6atm dry air supply (oil free and not more than 2 metres away from the equipment location).
  4. Clear and unhindered access from the point of equipment arrival to the point of equipment installation.
  5. Safe conditions for our staff to work in at all times when they are, on our client’s premises or, at any location selected by our client.
  6. Safe and weatherproof conditions for the location/storage of equipment delivered by us and to which we hold title(s).

Payment Terms - Client Funded Purchase(s)
A non-refundable deposit + proportional VAT, with all official orders.
Our standard payment schedule, with proportional VAT per payment, will apply.

Payment from a Finance Company
10% of total capital sum as non-returnable deposit + proportional VAT, with official order document(s) and letter of finance approval.
90% of total capital sum + proportional VAT, on final day of equipment commissioning.

VAT is charged, at the prevailing rate, on all prices shown in our quotations and order documents.

Title To Equipment
CMC Equipment (UK) Limited asserts and retains full and undisputed title(s) to all equipment supplied under the terms of all our quotations and accepted order documents, until such time as CMC Equipment (UK) Limited has received full and cleared payment(s) of all monies and dues covered by the quotations and/or order document(s) and has acknowledged such receipt(s) and transferred equipment title(s) in writing.

CMC Equipment (UK) Limited requires all our clients to hold “All Risks” Insurance covering:
(a) All equipment supplied by us, for at least the full replacement value of the equipment.
(b) Our staff while they are, on our client’s premises or, at any location selected by our client.
Both insurance covers must apply from the first moment of equipment transport arrival, or the first moment of arrival of our first staff member, at our client’s premises, whichever is first.  Both insurance covers must remain valid until such time as all equipment items and services have been paid for with fully cleared funds and such cleared payment(s), together with equipment title transfer(s), have been acknowledged by us in writing.

Force Majeure
We have superb records for ahead of time/on time deliveries and service.  Our clients and any contracted/involved finance supplier(s) accept that, under our Terms And Conditions Of Sale & Service, all risks beyond the reasonable control of CMC Equipment (UK) Limited and/or our staff, suppliers and transport contractors, are not deemed reason for delayed payments to CMC Equipment (UK) Limited, or non-payment of previously agreed payment schedules.  CMC Equipment (UK) Limited cannot and will not be responsible for the exact or agreed timing of equipment, component(s) and/or staff arrival(s) at our client’s premises, or other locations, due to traffic conditions, strikes/labour disputes, delayed component deliveries, weather conditions, supplier's delivery delays,flight delays/re-routings/postponements/cancellations and all other conditions beyond our control, influencing such arrival times. Our clients and any involved/contracted finance supplier(s) accept that, under our Terms And Conditions Of Sale & Service, no penalty or penalties of any kind shall be incurred by CMC Equipment (UK) Limited for the outcome of risks/events/occurrences/circumstances that in our opinion were, or are, beyond our reasonable control.  Similarly, our clients and any contracted/involved finance supplier(s) accept that, under our Terms And Conditions Of Sale & Service, any and all costs, or repayment of such costs, incurred by our client or any contracted/involved finance supplier(s), shall not be reimbursed by CMC Equipment (UK) Limited, if the costs, or repayment of costs, were caused by risks, or events, or occurrences and/or circumstances that in our opinion were, or are, beyond our reasonable control.

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